Frequently asked questions

How much size does Chaquopy add to an app?

As of version 3.0.0, Chaquopy increases APK size by about 3 MB, plus 4.5 MB per ABI. When installed on a device, it will consume an additional 11.5 MB of storage on top of the APK size.

So the total size increase, as seen by the end-user, is 19 MB for a single-ABI APK, or 23.5 MB for a dual-ABI APK. (These numbers don’t include your own app code or requirements.)

Is Chaquopy available for platforms other than Android?

Yes: pricing is available on request. Please contact us with details of your application.

What’s the story behind Chaquopy’s name?

It comes from Jack London’s spelling of the word chechaquo (now usually written cheechako), a Native American term meaning “newcomer”. We chose it to reflect our goal of enabling you to use Python in original and innovative ways.