Since version 12.0.1, Chaquopy is now free and open-source, and all license restrictions have been removed. Please upgrade to the current version by editing the Chaquopy version number in your app’s top-level build.gradle file.

The open-source builds are released on Maven Central, so there’s no longer any need to list the Maven repository in your settings.gradle or build.gradle file. Instead, make sure your project is set up to use mavenCentral(), as shown here.

Using older versions

Closed-source Chaquopy versions (12.0.0 and older) will display a license warning on startup, and will only run for 5 minutes at a time. To remove these restrictions, add the following line to your project’s¬†file:


The notification and time limit will then be removed the next time you build the project.

Building an AAR

If you’re using a closed-source Chaquopy version to build an Android library module (AAR), you’ll also need to add this line to identify the app which the AAR will be built into:

If you want to build a single AAR which is usable in multiple apps, please upgrade to the open-source version as shown above.