Chaquopy version 10.0.1

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  • Android Gradle plugin versions 4.2 and 7.0 are now supported, and versions 3.4 and 3.5 are no longer supported.
  • The version setting is no longer supported. Simply remove it to use the current version of Python.
  • Update to Python version 3.8.11 (see its changelog for details).
  • Update to pip version 19.2.3 (see its changelog for details).
  • Update CA bundle to certifi 2021.5.30.
  • Add a buffer attribute to stdout and stderr for bytes output (#464#516).
  • Java arrays now support the index and count methods in Python. In order to support code with hasattr checks, they also now implement the methods __contains____iter__ and __reversed__, rather than relying on the fallback to __getitem__ (#306).
  • Fix “truth value of an array with more than one element is ambiguous” error when passing a NumPy array to a method which takes a Java array (#526).
  • NumPy integer scalars, and anything else which implements the __index__ method, can now be used as a Java array index (#495).
  • Add workaround to help conda Python on Windows find its SSL libraries (#450).
  • Fix “invalid literal for int” error in pip_install when project path includes a symlink (#468).
  • Fix crash caused by empty files in the APK on Android 7 (Electron Cash #2136).
  • importlib.util.spec_from_file_location now works for paths loaded from the APK.

The following packages have been added to the repository since the previous version:

  • argon2-cffi
  • backports.zoneinfo
  • bitarray
  • google-crc32c
  • pycurl
  • ruamel.yaml.clib
  • sentencepiece
  • tflite-runtime
  • tokenizers
  • wordcloud

And the following packages have been updated:

  • cryptography
  • grpcio
  • lxml
  • multidict
  • opencv-python
  • pandas
  • scikit-learn
  • torch
  • torchvision