Chaquopy version 9.0.0

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  • Android Gradle plugin version 4.1 is now supported, and version 3.3 is no longer supported.
  • Runtime Python version is now 3.8.6.
  • Java objects implementing functional interfaces can now be called using () syntax.
  • Java arrays can now be accessed from Python using negative indices and slice syntax.
  • Fix conversion of non-contiguous NumPy arrays to Java arrays.
  • Remove inaccessible directories from os.get_exec_path (#346).
  • Make zipimport implement the new loader API. This affected the package dateparser.
  • If bdist_wheel fails for an unknown reason, fall back on install. This affected the packages acoustics and kiteconnect (#338).
  • Fix ClassNotFoundException when minifyEnabled is in use (#261).

The following packages have been added to the repository since the previous version:

  • shapely
  • tensorflow-gpu