Free license

For open-source apps, Chaquopy will always be free of charge. Here’s how to qualify:

  • Your app doesn’t need to be finished, but it must already be using Chaquopy to do something useful. “Hello world” or similar trivial test programs don’t qualify.
  • Give your app a unique application ID which does NOT begin with com.example or com.chaquo.
  • Release your app’s complete source code on a public website such as GitHub
  • Include a notice releasing the code under an open-source license. If you haven’t already chosen one, we recommend the MIT License.
  • The open-source license notice and the source code must be on the same branch, and if you’re using GitHub, please make it the default branch.

Once you’ve met these requirements, please email to request a license key, including a link to where the app’s source code is available.

You must keep the published source code up to date for as long as you use the free license key.


My app is free but I haven’t released the source code yet, can I have a free license?

The purpose of the free license is to thank developers who contribute to the open-source community. That’s why it’s only available to projects whose source code has been released publicly.

If you’re not able to meet the requirements for a free license, please order a paid license instead.