Paid license

A paid license allows Chaquopy to be used in closed-source apps. Here are the options:

  • $99 per developer for an unlimited license which can be used in any number of apps.
  • $49 per developer for a license limited to a single application ID. You can always upgrade to an unlimited license later for the difference in price.

To purchase a license key, please email with the following information:

  • Which type of license you’d like (unlimited or single-app).
  • How many developers will be using it.
  • For the single-app license, please also include the applicationId from your build.gradle file.

How many licenses do I need?

A license is required for each developer who uses the license key to build an app, even if they don’t work with Chaquopy directly.

For example, if someone works on a different part of the app, but they still use the license key to remove the time limit, then they would need a license. But if someone only uses the app and never builds it themselves, they would not need a license.

Are licenses locked to a specific person or machine?

No, you can use the license key on as many machines as you like, and transfer it between developers, as long as the number of developers using it on any given day is covered by the number of licenses you have. 

Is this an annual subscription?

No, it’s a one-time payment for a perpetual license. It also includes upgrades to all future versions of Chaquopy.

Does the license require internet access?

The license key will be verified with our server the first time you use it to build an app. At runtime within the app, Chaquopy itself never uses the internet, although your own code is of course free to do so.