Chaquopy version 14.0.2

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Backward incompatible


  • sys.stdout and sys.stderr are now line-buffered by default. (#654#746#757)
  • Add option to redirect native stdout and stderr to Logcat. (#725)
  • Update to Python version 3.8.16 and OpenSSL version 1.1.1s. This fixes the Google Play warning “Your app uses a defective version of the OpenSSL library”. (#727)
  • Update CA bundle to certifi 2022.12.7. (#747)
  • Add python executable as a final fallback when searching for buildPython. (#752)
  • Restore the extractPackages setting, for code that requires its modules to exist as separate .py files. (#754)
  • Android Gradle plugin version 7.4 is now supported. (#756)
  • Update to pip version 20.1.


  • Enable PEP 517 builds in pip. (#715)
  • Show correct error message when buildPython autodetection fails. (#733)
  • Fix error when calling entry_points with an unreadable directory on sys.path. (#755)
  • Fix “Could not find an activated virtualenv” error when PIP_REQUIRE_VIRTUALENV environment variable is set. (#777)