Chaquopy version 5.0.0

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From this version onwards, each Chaquopy version will include only one Python version, so the python.version setting is no longer required. Simply remove it to use the current version, 3.6.5.

Python 2 is no longer included. However, for existing Python 2 users, Chaquopy 4.x will continue to be maintained until the end of 2019 (#39).

Other changes:

  • The ABI arm64-v8a is now supported.
  • buildPython must now be at least Python 3.4.
  • minSdkVersion must now be at least API level 16. This still covers 99% of active devices.
  • Runtime components are now distributed as separate Maven artifacts. This fixes various intermittent build errors involving chaquopy_java.jar (#62).
  • If pkg_resources is installed in your app, it will now detect all pip-installed packages.

The following packages have been added to the repository since the previous version:

  • lru-dict
  • pycares
  • pycryptodome
  • pycryptodomex
  • ta-lib