Chaquopy version 5.1.2

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This version adds the following features:

  • Add PyObject primitive conversion methods (toBooleantoInt, etc.).
  • Add PyObject container view methods (asListasMap and asSet).
  • Make APK build more reproducible.

And fixes the following bugs:

  • If pkg_resources is installed in your app, its “basic resource access” functions will now work.
  • Remove directory names when converting exception stack traces from Python to Java. This works around a bug in Google Play which was causing crash reports to be incomplete.
  • Change default character encoding from ASCII to UTF-8.

The following packages have been added to the repository since the previous version:

  • ephem
  • pycrypto
  • tensorflow

And the following packages have been updated:

  • chaquopy-openblas (fixed a build problem which caused a crash in SciPy)
  • scipy (1.1.0)