Chaquopy version 6.3.0

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  • Android Gradle plugin version 3.5 is now supported.
  • Pre-compile Python code to .pyc format by default, so it doesn’t have to be compiled on the device. This significantly improves app startup speed and storage usage.
  • Remove the extractPackages setting, as data files are now extracted automatically. See the documentation for details.
  • Change data file location from cache to files directory, to prevent the user from clearing it while the app is running.
  • Hide importer frames in stack traces, unless the exception originated from the importer itself.
  • Fix another metadata parsing issue, this one affecting the package astroid.
  • Fix “has no DT_SONAME” warning (#112).

The following packages have been added to the repository since the previous version:

  • bcrypt
  • coincurve
  • gevent
  • greenlet
  • srsly
  • typed-ast

And the following packages have been updated:

  • cymem (2.0.2)
  • preshed (2.0.1)
  • scikit-learn (0.21.2)