Chaquopy version 7.0.3

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  • Fix “This platform lacks a functioning sem_open implementation” error when using multiprocessing.dummy.Pool (aka multiprocessing.pool.ThreadPool). This affected many common uses of TensorFlow.
  • Work around dynamic linker bug on 64-bit ABIs before API level 23 (#228).
  • Fix out of memory error when running Gradle with a small heap size.
  • Fix incompatibility with external package importlib_metadata (#276).
  • Fix NoClassDefFoundError when using Python to access certain androidx classes, including AppCompatTextView.
  • Fix conversion of Java byte[] array to Python bytearray.
  • Improve startup speed by deferring pkg_resources initialization until the module is first imported.
  • Update CA bundle to certifi 2020.4.5.1.

The following packages have been updated since the previous version:

  • pillow (7.1.2)